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Ignite your senses with the crackle of wooden wick candles and unleash the power of nature in every melt.

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Set the mood and unwind with our mesmerizing 3-wick wooden candles. Crafted for moments of pure relaxation and ambiance. Transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Wooden Wick Candles

  • Customer's Feedback

  • "I really love my Motivation candle. It smelled so good, and I loved the crystals in there. Very unique and pretty candle. Also, the sugar scrubs smell great and left my skin really soft."

    -Vianna T.

  • "I just received my C & J Luxurious Scents candles today, they smell delicious. The entire packaging of the candles is fabulous. I love great smelling candles; your guest will definitely want to know what smells so wonderful and where they can purchase them from. They leave your entire room beautifully scented. I am placing orders frequently. These are great gifts for all occasions."

    -Eva H.